7W Mighty Dwarf

The Mighty Dwarf 7 Watt has 40% more power than the 5 Watt speaker. The Mighty Dwarf 7 Watt has upgraded microSD playback capabilities including randomized playback (shuffle). This speaker can connect to any of your electronics using the standard 3.5mm earphone plug. The speaker can also play .MP3 or .WMA files stored on a microSD card (up to16 GB not included).

When an active Mighty Dwarf speaker is placed on a surface capable of resonating vibration, the powerful sustained vibration produced by the speaker is transferred into the object causing the surface of the object to produce sound. Changing the size, shape, density or structure of the object will change the sound quality produced by the object. The owner of the Mighty Dwarf will learn to optimize the sound produced through experimentation. The owner will “play” sounds through the various objects at their disposal within the environment thus producing the desired effect for the acoustic purposes they intended. This advanced speaker can play downloaded .mp3 and .wma music files from and OPTIONAL microSD card (up to 16 GB). This speaker can also replay the songs from the microSD card in the sequence that they are loaded or randomized (shuffle) playback is an option.


Output Power 7 Watts
Frequency Range 80 Hz to 18 kHz
Power Supply Rechargable Li Ion Battery or USB Connection
Charging Time 3 to 6 Hours
Playing Time 6 to 10 Hours (Dependant on Conditions)
MicroSD Supported File Types MP3, WMA
MicroSD Randomized Playback YES